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View of Maine Township High School East with WMTH-FM antenna on rooftop

View of
Maine Township High School East
with WMTH-FM antenna on rooftop

WMTH History

(Compiled by our collective memories)

Last Revised February 19, 2008
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The Early Years

WMTH started as an idea during the 1950's and was presented to the Student Council in 1957. Educational radio stations were being licensed on the FM radio band with typically 10 watts of power. One of the people instrumental to the creation of WMTH was the chief engineer, the late Mr. Theron Whitfield, the electronics teacher at Maine East.

WMTH-FM Station Managers

  Maine East Maine South Maine West Maine North
60's Keith Honn 1960-1962 Skip Wagner Kurt Steinhauser  
70's Jack Coombs 1962-1965 Susan Benjamin Brent Shaphryn Roger Kleinfeld
80's Cindy Schaulis 1965-1970 Jim Francois Thomas Stettner  
90's Bill Mitchell 1970-2000      
00's Jim Wunderlich 2000-      


Radio station WMTH-FM signed on during December, 1959. The first student voice was a senior student, class of 1960, named Harry Ford. Harry went on to become a Hollywood actor. Perhaps your recognize the name Harrison Ford.

The call letters were chosen "MTH" as in Maine Township High school. The antenna would be located on the highest point of the school building at Dempster and Potter Roads in Park Ridge. The studio from 1959 through 1970 was located in room 147B, across the hall from the auditorium. When the center courtyard building opened in the fall of 1970, the radio station relocated and the first television studio was built.

The original power of the station was 16 watts E.R.P. at a frequency of 88.5MHz. This continued from 1960 until 1983 when the frequency was changed to 90.5MHz and the power reduced to 8.9 watts.

" To Be Continued "

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